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Dear Friend,

Let's face it. ...

It's tough being a mom and working at home.

You're always getting interrupted by the phone or the kids.  There's laundry piled high on the dining room table. The kitchen floor needs mopping and the dirty dishes are still sitting in the sink.

Kerry Beck

And you're trying to run a profitable business from home ?!?


For 26 years I've been trying to juggle the duties every Mom, house, marriage. In 1998, I opened a small business with my kids so I added work to all my other responsibilities. At that time my kids were 5, 8, 10. How could I do it? And, why in the world did I decide to open a small curriculum store?

Steve & I had discussed the importance of giving our kids entrepreneurial skills so they could have the freedom to make their own choices as an adult. A part-time store seemed like the perfect answer. We also wanted to help homeschool moms in our area.

So, the kids & I opened Curriculum Connection...

And I had to figure out...

  • How to get customers to the store
  • How to keep our house clean
  • How to raise our kids
  • How to have our marriage wonderful
  • While keeping inventory, doing the books, and promoting our products.

I had to learn how to be super-mom QUICKLY! But, I am not a Super-Mom...and neither is anyone else!

So, I started looking for some cool tips on how to make money with our businesses and get organized at home with my family without stressing out or going insane.

Whether you are married or single, work with your husband or alone, you will want to hear some of the stories, strategies and tips I'll be sharing on our webinar.

I've interviewed the wives of Matt Bacak, Yanik Silver and Ray Edwards.  I also interviewed successful mom-preneurs like the Barefoot Executive, Carrie Wilkerson and Time Management Expert & Single Mom, Mary Jo Tate and Inspirational Coach, Lisa Johnson.

I'll be sharing some of their stories on how to keep their marriage together while working with their husband and how to take care of their home & family... without flipping out!!

BUT, most importantly...I'll reveal how you can use EASILY and QUICKLY

  • Get started online
  • Get organized at home
  • Get your family on board
    . . . . WITHOUT going insane!

I can't wait to share with you this in our video.

Here are just a few ideas you'll discover:

  • The best strategy to get things done & even take breaks through the day, as you work & take care of your family.
  • How to get more work done than you have time to do
  • How to get the support you need when you are a single mom
  • Find out how to work with your hubby and spend time with him without always talking about work...In other words, how to have fun like you did before you started working at home.
  • How to balance working and family, without losing your mind.
  • How to encourage your spouse whether you work together or not
  • Best way to get started TODAY
  • How to set the pace for the long haul of making loads of money the next 10 years

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I guarantee this will be one of the most informative and helpful videos you have ever attended, especially as a work at home MOM!

Talk to you soon :-)

Kerry Beck